Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Flow Lifestyle Artisan Community. The shop has been a favorite location on Concession St. for 6 years and our conversion from vintage decor/clothing and consignment fashions will allow us to be bold and make a statement in the Sustainable Lifestyle. Our newly transformed space will bring together all aspects under one roof and provide a shopping experience that will attract many people. We are creating a shopping experience combining new small batch handcrafted items, handcrafted food items, and vintage décor/fashions together with a coffee/snack bar. Our space is not only a shopping store, but will also offer DIY workshops as well as a creative event space. OUR MISSION: We will strive on educating and promoting the sustainable method to simple living and reusing items instead of filling landfills. We will encourage the sale of small batch handcrafted items and bring attention to Shop Local and Shop Small.  All completed applications will be notified by email if accepted, declined or wait listed. ALL INFORMATION IS HELD CONFIDENTIAL AND NOT SHARED. Contract to follow upon approval.  Please fill out questionnaire below. All your information will be kept confidential and private.

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